Of Silent Confusion

What a way to express emotion in the way of your loving life of the world. You are the reason of my happiness in a pineapple thorn. Can we run to the side of the sunrise. Honey bees are dripping with nectar. In the fields of harvests of my happiness and content feelings of this world from where we run is a way to ensure your freedom of the boulders. Rain for the people who want, sun and dry for those who don’t. Is a reason a reason. I love the air in my nerve the way I walk in the company of the wind’s friends. The answers to our anxiety lie in the deepness our relative satisfaction. Can we please see the truth of the pirates in the ocean? Brackets of mechanized steel hold you from realizing the right realization. No where can we fly without wings, lest we be an industrial revolution component of success in this nebula of confusion and pain, my fellow here-there everywhere company. Remembering the names of the things we love in this world we might think we are doing the wrong thing but we are doing it the hundred ways of availability to us. May think you’re a bitter friend but you are the one. If you think otherwise you beg to differ. We run away with sadness seeing names that we don’t understand personally. We shall stop running if you feel like at all.


Author: mathewdominic

I'm a student at design academy eindhoven and words are my first medium.

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