My Invisibility Suit

Letting things be the way they are. Being an object of my present. Being the air I breathe and being the food I eat. Being the sound of my heartbeat. I am a product of what I am. What I am is what I do. I am the people I see and I am the words in my head. I am not the words in your head. I am not locked, I’m forever dispersing into a tunnel of infinity. Pieces coming and going and joining me only to leave me with blisters. Pieces coming in the same way to heal my blisters. I am happiness and sadness at the same time. Euphoria and despair at the same time. I revel in my victories and cry at my losses. I live in a house of glass.I see and touch everything I see but I will never know the true meaning of anything. I live in an eternally unsolved mystery, which takes me right into the face of the answer and then slices me up into the darkest matter. What are you, though? Do you see me sitting here, in this chair? Do you see a mirror in my eyes? Are your eyes made of mirrors too? Could we possibly be the same person? Will you come with me when only the last hair of the weakest rope separates me from falling into the abyss of my nightmares? What do you mean when you say good morning? Do we truly wake up? Do you hear me? This cave is endless, sounds keep bouncing off the walls even after they die. I can smell the water here, it is very dark to look at, and it tells me that it will tell me the truth. But what should I know of the water? Water shows the hidden heart, she said. Water will fill you up, and then it will drown you. Water can talk. In sounds of the most beautiful orchestra that sends you plunging into the deep and the cold and the austere, into what you do not know, so that you can know what you want to know. What did the water tell you? The water told me, your journey is your destination.


Author: mathewdominic

I'm a student at design academy eindhoven and words are my first medium.

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