Cold floor, warm winds

Life is about now…right now when you know you are alive, right now when you know that your heart is beating and you are breathing. When you know that you can hear music, and that the silence that enveloped you is also just as beautiful. For now, is when you are free, tomorrow is a promise of man, and yesterday is a question, but now is all you know is real for sure.

This is not a euphoric or transitional ponderance of existence and the metaphysical, but a matter of logic, of doubting the concept of time and reality.

Who are you, but yourself , and the great confusion of man called death…you and him, living this life, fighting forever, in grief and joy, till the very end, when you give yourself to your only friend. Nothing else is for real, not the people you meet, nor the food you eat; the only thing you know for sure that your path will cross the inevitable, like two lines that have diverted but are destined to meet for once and for all.

And who to fear in such circumstances, for the world is yours for the taking! All your dreams are not  dreams, and your vision has been faltering, until now! A parting curtain of fog, and behind it, an invisible abyss of darkness that swallows you, only to bring you happiness, that of the most elusive kind, that which you have never known!


Author: mathewdominic

I'm a student at design academy eindhoven and words are my first medium.

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