it’s okay to be a little bit crazy because nowhere is a place and that is where we’re all going. after this brief stop we’ll leave, so my eyes don’t rest for one moment when I’m here. in the darkest of nights I feel plagues arriving, storms filled with painful happinesses and wrenching sadnesses.

not knowing who I am is also okay, because I didn’t come here with my permission, and my voice is not heard unless I listen to it really carefully, and the more I try, i realise that it’s just echoes bouncing off caves within my skull.

not remembering the person I was might not matter either, because voices letting out glimpses of bright light can only be heard when I’m not being that but being this right here – this person I am now, and I will not be staying, because I will be arriving in just a moment, and that person will be me. I still do not know myself. because I’m gone as soon as I come. there is no time left in between to find out. if I ask I receive silence. if I stay silent I receive questions. maybe I should be silent for a little longer. a little wider. further.

so tell my mother that it’ll be okay, tell myself that I’ll be just fine, because I saw myself in the mirror today, just a speck that I was, so maybe it doesn’t matter much. and you can only see a speck when the sun shines at it, through it, in it, floating dust all going nowhere, flying through the corridor, waiting for itself. if it isn’t part of something, it is part of something else, and if it isn’t part of something else, it is part of itself. and that is what I’m made of. I might just be dust and sunlight.


Author: mathewdominic

I'm a student at design academy eindhoven and words are my first medium.

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