your nearness

tell me what is this I feel
are you really here, in this darkness
or have I just been dropped
into a world of ideals?
is it the brush of your hair
or the swooning mist of an early dawn
that has come in disguise?
please stay here, right now
so that I can know what your eyes look like
so that I can remember you
and find my way to you
before I lose myself –

tell me what is this I feel
did a splinter of you pierce
the horizon of my restlessness
and leave a mark of silence in its wake?
is it an emptiness that gazes out with longing
to remain so as long as you’re gone?
when will you come again, when will you touch my time
and stay here with me, and take me home?

tell me one more thing too –
is it it worth the wait?
is it worth the years and the minutes and the moments?
will you leave a sign in the path that you take?
should I tell my friends that I will soon be leaving?
and if they ask, ‘where to?’, what should I say?


Author: mathewdominic

I'm a student at design academy eindhoven and words are my first medium.

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