lost here, found there! this is the story of my moments. that is why I am always trying to bring this and that together. that is why I need the key. here is my letter: take it word for word. don’t forget the intonation, don’t forget the breathing pattern. I must tell you this, we must know. I know the way, but my map is torn. turns might face away, forlorn. then again, it is a matter of the mood of the mind, the striking of our compasses. only you and I, magnetic repulsion, attraction, conception, perfection. try this, friend! sweet nectar made by lord of the protons. the result of a thousand failed experiments that play games between sense and nonsense. have I lost you! look, its the sea shore we have reached. who knew that the waves could come this far? what brings them here? perhaps they know this spirit. oh, water droplet, daughter of the mountain god! accept my prayer, I seek but do not find! my sinews are at the ends of worlds, a day more and they will break! will you run through me? look inside, the thirst is home to a desert! how else should I put it? words I cannot find to describe this pleasure, this pain!

but where were we, I forgot for a moment. playing hide and seek with my shadow. and thus is revealed the existence of light. bird feather, tea cup, door knob. here we go again.


Author: mathewdominic

I'm a student at design academy eindhoven and words are my first medium.

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