Water makes the mind


Let us run in a cannibalistic course in the river of the mountain which consists of several tulips and some misunderstood language that take over the world when they are dispersed.
It is funny when the monkeys swirl in a pond they erupt over the mountain in beautiful swirls of blue and yellow and free. Various colors erupt from the following of the plantain of happiness. Our understanding maybe the opposite but we all see the same reality. Various misconceptions of the understanding of time in our personal spaces is not a misguidance of the apple tree that flows away when they rise to the Sun. Some intense hallucinations shall bewilder you in the course of the awesome music when we listen to it and read upon the hills is it sunny in the days of tomorrow is it.


Message From That Which Is Not A Human

At College (DJ Academy of Design)

The invention of people is a wonderful creation. Machines that have learnt not how to understand one another due to narrowed outlooks but ever so marveled by everything else. This void ends up affecting us individually and publicly in ways that we fail to perceive, also due to limitations in our senses that we have to transcend.

Not Knowing Who I Am

Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania

I was thinking about kinds of people and the things they do and the heights and plateaus they aspire for. There is a certain wavelength of communication that has been left empty due to unavailability of appropriate resources. But at times it increases to some height, seen ever so often, but always feeling brand new and refreshing, These are the moments that we try to heighten, it is what one may call ‘finding my element’. This ends up in being an endless pursuit and often ends up in death.The strongest will depart into a cloud such as falling into a coma or being silent throughout their lives. 

On a similar but different note, happiness and depression are like two vital organs of the body of life. Because with everything, there is an equal opposite. The light at the end of the tunnel is born inside you. Look inside in absolute peace and you will catch a glimpse of it.

Of Silent Confusion

What a way to express emotion in the way of your loving life of the world. You are the reason of my happiness in a pineapple thorn. Can we run to the side of the sunrise. Honey bees are dripping with nectar. In the fields of harvests of my happiness and content feelings of this world from where we run is a way to ensure your freedom of the boulders. Rain for the people who want, sun and dry for those who don’t. Is a reason a reason. I love the air in my nerve the way I walk in the company of the wind’s friends. The answers to our anxiety lie in the deepness our relative satisfaction. Can we please see the truth of the pirates in the ocean? Brackets of mechanized steel hold you from realizing the right realization. No where can we fly without wings, lest we be an industrial revolution component of success in this nebula of confusion and pain, my fellow here-there everywhere company. Remembering the names of the things we love in this world we might think we are doing the wrong thing but we are doing it the hundred ways of availability to us. May think you’re a bitter friend but you are the one. If you think otherwise you beg to differ. We run away with sadness seeing names that we don’t understand personally. We shall stop running if you feel like at all.

A random, disorganized thought

A frog erupted from beneath the ground on which you were standing.

One day a flock of parrots took to the sky with their wings outstretched like they were embracing the skies. They flew for ever. They did not stop. Then one day they realized they had reached the place they were looking for. It was not an illusion. It was for real.

They had climbed above the sky. They were above all other kinds of life. Here they saw the sun in all of its splendid yellow.

But no one went blind.

It was not like when Icarus flew too close to the Sun. This was different. They could feel the euphoria; they could sense that going too high would eventually lead to their brains getting saturated.

But they climbed further. Even further so they could not come back down. Half the flock was in autopilot mode. They were determined to find the fruit. It was not far away. It was an open bowl of happiness waiting to receive them. Like a jet stream they would float across the skies and slowly sublime into the surroundings.

When the sun sets everyday we see the colors of the sun. The sun spreads her long tangles of hair in every direction. In those rays of live sunlight are the feathers of the flock of parrots that flew beyond the horizon several thousand years ago.

We see them everyday. They are always there.

Edapally in the evening.